The Truman Diaries: Afghanistan

The Truman Diaries: Afghanistan

Truman was founded in the aftermath of 9/11 as an alternative to the dominant counterterrorism narrative that has driven national security policymaking for much of the last twenty years. Throughout our history, Truman members have worked tirelessly to develop timely, innovative, and principled solutions to preserve and expand democracy, human rights, prosperity and security around the world. 

Many Truman members served in Afghanistan in a range of capacities over the last two decades -- as uniformed service members, frontline civilians, journalists, and more. And while the lessons of 9/11 extend far beyond the US war in Afghanistan, the end of that war offers an important opportunity for reflection and storytelling as we mark 9/11’s 20 year anniversary. 

The six stories featured here reflect both Truman’s commitment to service and also the complexity and pain of war. From a military spouse to a veteran of numerous tours, we hope these stories provide a greater connection to the human dimension of this conflict and why this post-9/11 engagement has been so defining for a generation of Truman members and our nation.
The Truman Diaries: Afghanistan

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