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Chapter Activities

Chapter Activities

Our 16 chapters around the country are what makes Truman unique.

The local Chapter is the Truman Member’s home base. Members meet regularly for discussions, social events and to work on local initiatives. They address questions around the manifestation of national security issues on a local level. They then work with Truman headquarters to elevate their perspectives on these issues – such as climate change, immgiration, disinformation, rule of law – to a national audience.
Chapter Activities

Make the right move.

Chapters communicate the impacts of global national security policy back to the local level through community-level engagement. Recent activities include get-out-the-vote drives, State Legislature resolutions, phone banking, and community service activities.

Truman members have been involved in a range of initiatives. Here are some recent examples

Truman National Security Project: Building the Next Generation in National Security
Black Lives Matter
In July 2020, the San Diego chapter began an effort with local elected officials to put the City of San Diego on record opposing the unconstitutional deployments of federal law enforcement agents in response to Black Lives Matter protests. The chapter drafted the resolution and ushered it through the legislative process in concert with the City Council President's office, and lobbied the remaining offices for passage. We then took the lead position in the City Staff presentation to the full council. The resolution was adopted on August 6th.
Atrium Health Million Mask Initiative
A Truman member-led program, the Atrium Health Million Mask Initiative, distributed more than two million facemasks to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region focused on communities with high infection rates. The Initiative drew on the expertise of Truman members to coordinate information operations to shift the behavior of super-spreaders and millennials. Bank of America scaled the initiative nationally and distributed an additional 10 million masks.
Cyber Vulnerability Initiative
In Washington, 350 Truman members gathered to run a massive simulation to test the government’s capability of passing legislation to fix the nation’s cyber vulnerabilities in the aftermath of a national crisis.
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