In 2014, in the wake of increased national and international attention to US police violence against Black Americans, several Truman National Security Project members  formed the TruDiversity Initiative. The purposes of the Initiative are to:

1. Speak Out
Speak out against civil rights/social justice injustices in the US, and offer thought leadership on how these violations affect broader foreign policy and national security interests
2. Encourage
Through training, professional development opportunities, and mentoring, encourage more members of under-represented minority groups to enter the field of national security.
3. Amplify
Amplify contributions of minorities and under-represented groups in the field.
Recent activities by TruDiversity include coordinating a Racial Equity Task Force with several Lines of Effort (LOEs) aimed at addressing systemic racial injustices plaguing underrepresented communities. These LOEs include a communications and media campaign which led an effort to shape best practices in lifting up Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) voices through Chapter and Expert Group communications; policy recommendations to prevent military equipment transfers to local police departments, and measures to limit foreign malign influence here at home.

TruDiversity also led a statement of support denouncing the violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community exacerbated by the Trump Administration’s xenophobic characterization of the novel coronavirus as the “China virus” and “kung-flu” in 2020.
TruDiversity Racial Equity Task Force

Make the right move.

Truman takes seriously our commitment to having a diverse membership, and we have backed up that commitment by welcoming new cohorts more representative of our country's population.