Membership Overview

The Truman Project has over 2000 members. Membership is competitive and by application. There are three member cohorts.


Fellows are policy experts, academics, and other thought leaders who anticipate and articulate new global challenges and opportunities. Many work at U.S. national security agencies and at federal and state legislative bodies, as well as in diplomacy and at non-governmental organizations.
Truman Fellows


Partners are serving political officials or are working toward elected office, as well as journalists, community leaders, and campaign staffers. Our partners have been leaders in thinking globally and acting locally.
Truman Partners

Defense Council

Members of the Defense Council include veterans and frontline civilians who have an ongoing professional interest in defense and intelligence operations. Some remain in service, while others have moved on to work in business, medicine, and policy organizations. Most of our members who are veterans are in the Defense Council.
Truman Defense Council

Apply Today:

Admission is by application. Every year we admit roughly 100-150 new members.