About Us

About Truman National Security Project

Truman is a high-trust impact community for national security leaders.

Together, we develop timely, innovative, and principled solutions to preserve and expand democracy, human rights, prosperity, and security around the world.

We draw on our nationwide membership’s intellectual firepower, national security experience, and extensive personal networks to do the work required for lasting change. Our diverse membership includes Hill staff, federal employees, non-profit leaders, academics, industry leaders, political strategists, and elected officials across federal, state, and local government. With experience in uniform, as frontline civilians, and as members of the intelligence community, Truman members also know firsthand the stakes of our foreign policy choices.

Our mission is to unite and equip a diverse community of American leaders to produce timely, innovative, and principled solutions to complex national security challenges.

We envision an inclusive US foreign policy that makes American lives better because it advances democracy, human rights, prosperity and security at home and abroad.

How is Truman different from other foreign policy organizations?
  • We believe in international engagement through diplomacy first and foremost, and by force only when necessary.
  • We also believe that how we conduct ourselves in international engagement matters, and that our effectiveness abroad depends on the choices we make at home.
  • We go beyond thought leadership: we advocate, we build movements, we drive policy, we make change. And we bring an army: Yes, our members staff Secretaries and Senators and sit on the National Security Council, but we’re also in mayors’ offices, strategy boiler rooms, and boardrooms, with deep roots across the country and with mid-to-senior leaders everywhere change needs to be made. We speak “national security” in every local language. And when we write policy, we speak with the voice of personal experience.
About Us
Every day we work to UNITE a principled, diverse, mutually-devoted community of national security leaders, BUILD ten times more together than any of us could alone, and LEAD as a respected voice in the national security space, and as respected leaders within each of our own communities.

Our institutional homes are sister organizations: Truman National Security Project (501c4) and Truman Center for National Policy (501c3). The Truman Project houses our members and their work, including Chapter activities, recruitment, training, and advocacy, generating ideas and movements that can change the world. The Truman Center often draws on Truman Project members and efforts for its own nonpartisan education and research work.

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