December 20, 2022

Truman National Security Project Announce New Board Member-Directors

Truman National Security Project Announce  New Board Member-Directors

Washington, DC — Truman National Security Project (501c4) is proud to welcome the following Truman members to serve on the organization’s governing board as Member-Directors starting in January 2023. Katherine Brown and Shirley Martey Hargis, voting members; Tripp Adams and Kenneth Wun, non-voting/alternate members; will join the board of Truman National Security Project.

“Truman is proud to welcome these valued and accomplished members to our board,” said Jenna Ben-Yehuda, Truman’s President and CEO. “We look forward to their contributions towards Truman’s continued growth and impact as we advance an inclusive and principled U.S. foreign policy.”

Voting Member:
Katherine Brown, President, and CEO at Global Ties U.S.

Katherine Brown, Ph.D. is the President & CEO of Global Ties U.S., the largest citizen diplomacy network in the country. She works with nearly 100 member organizations nationwide to empower individuals, communities, and nations to build trust through international exchange and to increase the scale of U.S. citizen participation in foreign affairs. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies.

Katherine has been a Truman Project member since 2009. She has served as a Member Director (Alternate), 2020-2022, as a co-director of the New York Chapter, and received both the Policy Innovation and Communications Member Awards for her work on frontline civilians and public diplomacy.

Voting Member:
Shirley Martey Hargis, Nonresident Fellow, Atlantic Council's Global China Hub and Digital Forensic Research Lab

Shirley has 12 plus years of experience in China and Taiwan's domestic politics and foreign affairs, her areas of expertise include China's resurgence and cross-Strait tensions. Her domestic and foreign policy expertise span defense and security, political economy, and technology in consulting, intelligence, and policy research.

Shirley is a Truman Security Fellow and is an active member of the Washington D.C. chapter.

Alternate Member Director (non-voting):
Tripp Adams, Army Reserve Battalion Commander

Tripp Adams is a corporate attorney and executive with 20 years of leadership experience in the private and public sectors. Tripp has worked at the Departments of Defense and State, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. He has 23 years of active and reserve military service in both the US Navy and the US Army and continues to serve as an Army Reserve battalion commander.

He is a proud Member of the Truman Michigan Chapter where he served as Chapter Director from 2018-21.

Alternate Member (non-voting):
Kenneth Wun, Director of Asset Management at TDA Investment Group

Kenneth Wun is currently the Director of Asset Management at TDA Investment Group. Previously he held investment and finance roles in financial technology firms, private equity firms, and foundation endowments. He also served as the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Ken has been a Truman National Security Fellow since 2008. He served as Truman San Francisco chapter’s Co-Director from 2010 to 2020. He led the growth of the chapter to over a hundred members in his tenure. He took great pride in building a diverse leadership team, including the appointment of the first woman Co-Director and the first African-American Co-Director.


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