February 21, 2022

New: Truman’s 2021 Annual Reports

New: Truman’s 2021 Annual Reports

Published Today: Truman’s 2021 Annual Reports

Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project have launched their 2021 annual reports summarizing institutional growth and achievements over the past year.  

February 21st, 2022 

WASHINGTON D.C. - Truman Center for National Policy 501(c)(3) and Truman National Security Project 501(c)(4) are proud to launch dual 2021 annual reports today. Over the past year, Truman has expanded operations, increased revenue, and recruited a new cohort of talented national security professionals, so that we can better tackle some of today’s most crucial issues, from climate change, to immigration, to nuclear non-proliferation. 

“This was a year of exceptional growth and impact for Truman. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and an increasingly volatile national security environment, Truman delivered,”  said Jenna Ben-Yehuda, Truman’s President & CEO. “We hope that our members and supporters enjoy reviewing our shared achievements as documented in today’s newly released reports.” 


In 2021, Truman Center for National Policy elevated its work to strengthen safeguards to democracy and redefine national security at home and abroad. Our annual report includes an overview of Truman’s policy initiatives, ranging from flagship reports on Transforming the State Department, a product of our task-force on inclusivity and diplomacy, and on Special Immigrant Visas for our Afghan allies and partners, to a video explainer on nuclear non-proliferation. The report also highlights internal growth at Truman, new funding partnerships, staffing updates, a revamped Board of Advisors, timely events, and Truman media features. Furthermore, we recap the success of our annual national security conference #TruCon2021, along with the efforts of the Truman Center Afghanistan Operations Center (TCAOC).

Read the full report here


This annual report delves into our initiatives to unite, build, and lead the next generation of national security professionals. We welcomed an all-star member class - the most diverse in our history -  expanded staffing, and created a new department of Impact Operations to amplify member efforts. Our members delivered high-impact policy recommendations, launched advocacy campaigns, and banded together to bring 1,000 vulnerable Afghans to safety. Also included in the report is an overview of Truman’s new branding, Truman Project member engagements in the press, and social media analytics. 

Read the full report here

Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project would like to thank its generous donors for their continued support. We look forward to another year of advancing democracy, human rights, prosperity, and security at home and abroad. 

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