Truman helps members pitch, write, and place opinion pieces on national security issues in news outlets around the country. In 2020 we placed over 400 articles in major media, including the Washington Post, USA Today, Politico, and Foreign Policy
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Truman in the News

January 31, 2021

Truman byline - January 2021

1/4/2021, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly's COVID-19 vaccine plan: Four ways to improve, by Anna Perng and Jeff Le, Truman Political Partner

1/5/2021, Just Security, Pentagon Moves Undermine Counterterrorism Strategy, by Bob Wilson and Matt Castelli, Truman Security Fellow

1/5/2021, Momentum: Research and Innovation, The Rhode Island Ventilator Project: Helping Patients Stricken with COVID-19 Breathe, featuring Erik Brine, Truman Defense Council

1/7/2021, Chicago Council, What Americans Make of the January 6 Chaos at the Capitol, by Craig Kafura, Truman Security Fellow

1/7/2021, The Washington Post, Analysis | The National Guard has been called out in Washington, D.C. Here’s what you need to know, by Jim Golby and Carrie A. Lee, Truman Security Fellow

1/7/2021, Politico, China 2021: Experts make their one big prediction, by David Wertime, Truman Security Fellow

1/7/2021, Foreign Policy, Why Ghana Does Disputed Elections Better Than the United States, by Kehinde A. Togun, Truman Security Fellow

1/8/2021, The Experiment, Trumpism, an American Cancer, by Matt Zeller, Truman Security Fellow

1/8/2021, The Experiment, Search History, by Jason Stanford, Truman Political Partner

1/8/2021, Truman Doctrine Blog, After the attacks on the US Capitol, Don’t talk patriotism — live it, by Isaac Eagan, Truman Defense Council

1/8/2021, Bustle, The Capitol Riot Is No Time To Draw Dangerous False Equivalencies, by Jessica Tarlov and Jeff Le, Truman Political Partner

1/9/2021, The Hill, Donald Trump's presidency is ending a lot like Andrew Johnson's, by Kevin Walling, Truman Political Partner

1/9/2021, Just Security, Tragedy at the Capitol: Four Questions that Demand Answers, by Mark Nevitt, Truman Defense Council

1/9/2021, Detroit News, Opinion: After heinous assault, time to reckon with reality, by Peter Meijer, Truman Political Partner

1/9/2021, Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, People-to-People Exchanges for the Win, by Jonathan Ahlstrom, Truman Defense Council

1/11/2021, The Forward, The Warnock-Ossoff victory was a miracle, by Jenna Ben-Yehuda, Truman President and CEO

1/11/2021, Truman Doctrine Blog, Representatives Boebert and Lamborn should resign: white supremacy is a national security threat, by Truman Colorado Chapter

1/11/2021, La Junta Tribune-Democrat, Opinion: Capitol riots: Accountability must come before healing begins, by Steven Leach, Truman Security Fellow

1/12/2021, USA Today, America's health system betrays Black people like me. But I got the COVID vaccine anyway, by Adom M. Cooper, Truman Security Fellow

1/12/2021, Apolitical, The Pandemic We Can't See, by Cailin Crockett, Truman Security Fellow

1/12/2021, Penn Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law, The Biden administration must rejoin the JCPOA, by Naomi Egel, Truman Nuclear Security Visiting Fellow

1/12/2021, Law 360, A Law Of The Digital Sea Could Expand Data Rights, Oversight, by Luke Schleusener, Truman Security Fellow

1/12/2021, The Fulcrum, Disinformation spreaders should be barred from public office, by Josh Berthume, Truman Security Fellow

1/13/2021, Greeley Tribune, Healing is necessary, but so is accountability, by Steven Leach, Truman Security Fellow

1/13/2021, San Diego Union-Tribune, Here's how San Diego can address its long standing problem with violent extremism, by Joel Day, Truman Security Fellow

1/14/2021, Politico, The post-Trump era in U.S.-China relations has begun, by David Wertime, Truman Security Fellow

1/14/2021, Chicago Council, Americans Condemn Capitol Riots; Reject Violence in Politics, by Craig Kafura, Truman Security Fellow

1/14/2021, New York Daily News, The trouble with invoking the 14th Amendment against Trump, by Adom M. Cooper, Truman Security Fellow

1/14/2021, San Diego Union-Tribune, Opinion: I’m an expert in homeland security and domestic terrorism. Here are 5 ways the feds can fight extremism now, by Jeff Le, Truman Political Partner

1/14/2021, Inside Sources, Counterpoint: Biden's perilous congressional road map in 2021, by Jeff Le, Truman Political Partner

1/14/2021, Foreign Affairs, The Insurrection Hiding in Plain Sight, by Alex Stamos and Renee DiResta, Truman Security Fellow

1/15/2021, Fast Company, At a time for rebuilding, Wikipedia has lessons for us all, by Katherine Maher, Truman Security Fellow

1/19/2021, Just Security, Toward A More Responsible U.S. Arms Trade Policy: Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration, authors include Annie Shiel, Truman Security Fellow and Daniel Mahanty, Truman Security Fellow

1/27/2021, The Experiment, See first. Decide first. Act first, by Matthew Butler, Truman Defense Council

1/29/2021, Inkstick Media, After the Apocalypse: The Climate Crisis, with contribution from Kate Guy, Truman Security Fellow